One of the biggest monthly bills people get every month is the cable bill. Totaling up to over $100 in a lot of places, it’s a sizable chunk out of most people’s budget. Our cable bill was over $100 to start as well. The packages made it seem like it would pretty affordable, but after you add in equipment rental, DVR charge, taxes, etc it grew to over $100. Not only that, but the costs never go down, only up as you get older.

Way to save #1: Call in and threaten to cancel

This doesn’t work at every place, but 30 minutes on the phone can net you big savings sometimes. Just call up and say you’d like to cancel. They’ll transfer you to their cancellation department and then make every effort to persuade you not to leave. I used to do this a lot with Sirius XM. At $200 a year it was too expensive, but if you’d call in they’d cut the price by 1/2 to get you to stay. Now most cable companies won’t do that much, but you might get 30%, especially if the the provider is Dish Network or Directv. If you have a local cable company who has a monopoly, you might have less luck with this approach.

Way to save #2: Go streaming

This works well if you have the internet speed to make it work, not all places do, especially if you’re out in the country. Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Playstation, Sling, etc all offer various streaming services that provide different programming. Sling, Playstation, and Hulu are good for replacing your normal channels as they have a lot of the same channels.

Amazon and Netflix are more about original programming, though Amazon is starting to get more into the live TV arena. They’re quite a bit cheaper than the live TV services, which are closer to $50 a month. Sling is the most economical choice of the bunch to replace your existing channels, it can be had for around $25 as of this writing.

Way to save #3: Switch to OTA

In the past, this was kind of a pain in the butt. Trying to get TV’s in the basement signal, adjusting antennas, like of channels, etc made in kind of undesirable. I grew up without cable using an antenna, and there wasn’t much to choose from back then.

Now with youtube and the internet, TV is less important than it used to be. The easiest way to get it setup now though is through Table and HD Homerun. These devices basically allow you to share a TV broadcast antenna among multiple TV via wifi, therefore fixing the antenna adjustment issues that make this route hard. I use this in our house to share local channels among all of our TV’s. It works really slick, much better than I would have expected. Plus it eliminates the need to have an antenna hanging off each TV, which increases the aesthetics.


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