About Me

Well, unfortunately this is going to be kind of generic for now, as I’m still working in the corporate world trying to reach FI.

This blog is mainly designed for those decided 1/2 way through their careers that they wanted something better than working for the next 25 years.  That point hit me about a year ago, when some circumstances at work changed my career path forever.  It’s what started me down this road of trying to find financial independence, searching for ways to get it done.

My initial thoughts before I’d even read anything were that I needed to find some way to increase my income to be roughly equivalent to my day job.  To do that, I started researching all kinds of side hustles.  Eventually I decided that making websites might be a good first step, since if you keep with them it seems that after a few years they may be making decent money.

Making websites though is a slow process though which is out of your control to a degree.  All you can do is write good articles and hope that eventually they rank up in the search engine.  Some people try and farm back links but that’s not something I’m really a fan of.  I feel that if you write good content, eventually Google will figure out what is really good.  Any time someone tries to fool the search engine, eventually they catch on.

After getting the ball rolling on that, I started to look into more financial independence podcasts and books.  That’s when I really started looked at expenses and how to cut those down.  I started going through everything.  Cable bill, electric bill, researching wifi thermostats, cutting groceries, etc.  Tons of different things to look at.

The other thing I started doing about the same time was looking into real estate.  I found out I had been looking at real estate all wrong all these years.  I thought people bought rental houses with cash, made like 7% on them after expenses, and that was that.  The 7% return seemed like a lot of work for a gain that didn’t beat the stock market, so I never looked into it more.  What I didn’t realize though was that the one thing you have in real estate that you don’t have other places is leverage.  So instead of buying 1 house with 100k, you buy 5 100k houses with a 20k down payment each.

Once I understood that, I started my journey towards FI using side hustles, cutting expenses, and real estate.  That’s where I am today, on the road to FI.